About Diaperfilms


A short history of Diaperfilms:

The concept for the look of Diaperfilms was derived from a cartoon strip 'Animal Kingdom' (featured in U.S.C.'s Daily Trojan and The Alexandria Towntalk). It was there that the main characters were developed. For purposes of the web site, I thought that 'Animal Kingdom' was too generic and decided on Diaperfilms.

The Chicken

The chicken was originally 'developed' by my lovely girlfriend Andie. All of the chicken files were created whenever I found the time, hence the 'crude' look of the chicken.
They have since become a running joke. I've posted some 'classics' for all to enjoy.

The Work

I am always eager to accept freelance offers. Please contact me at joseph@diaperfilms.com for rates and detailed work history.


As usual, everything on this site is copyright protected. If you would like to use any images or sounds contained in this site, please contact me.